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Something similar will happen at Ahmedabad's Bullet Train Fivestar Station, see Photos

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream that India has a National High Speed ​​Train (bullet) project in the country should be completed quickly. However, the work of the bullet train project has begun. The bullet train project will be completed by December 2023. How should a bullet train station in Ahmedabad be reported?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the bullet train project on September 14, 2017. And a bullet train depot with a sophisticated system will be built at Sabarmati Railway Station. However, the metro station near Sabarmati railway station is also becoming. Then a walkway connecting the bullet train, railway and metro stations will be constructed. This makes it easier for tourists to travel from one station to another.
New Railway Recruitment Board building has been constructed in Sabarmati. And this building is made of a very sophisticated system. New corridors are being built. Utilities also have to shift. And 50 utilities have to be shifted. Whose work has already begun. 1600 electric pillars will be removed. Also, 150 high voltage lines have to be removed. Out of which 50% of the work has been completed. So 4 thousand trees will be transplanted as a hindrance to the bullet train project.
The bullet train will run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad at 6 stations. The length of the bullet will be 5.5 kilometers. Also, the operating speed of the bullet will be 5 km / h. Will cover 508 kilometers in 2.07 hours. The bullet train project will be completed by the year 2023. However, a bullet train station at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, will be built on the basis of Japan's Shinkansen design. Rail traffic will be stopped in case of earthquake, rain and natural disaster. The project will consume 55 lakh metric tonnes of cement. And 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of steel will be consumed. However, Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train will benefit the tourists.


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