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Serving in the Army is not | Indian Army Life

The struggle for an army personnel doesn't end at the training  

For instance, at the Jammu & Kashmir border, the life of an army person involves being on duty 24x7. "We work under extreme cold conditions with no proper roads and tracks for transport and little to no public support. There isn't enough drinking water and sometimes, operations require us to stay on duty for weeks on end without any rest in between" points out Major Yadav
Actually, the real struggle begins from there
Our soldiers aren't just fighting the enemies. They're also fighting natural disasters. At such high altitudes, frost bites, chilblains, loss of memory and pulmonary edemas are common problems. "We're also dealing with avalanches and crevasses along with the threat of enemy attacks at any given time". In J&K especially, allegations of human rights violations are also common. 

The problems are similar even at the borders in North-East India. "There's a serious language problem there. Anyone not belonging to those states is not familiar with the local dialect" says Major Yadav. "Also, the army is responsible for aiding civil authorities to maintain law and order and that adds to the burden". 
Since people from the North-East have a distinct look, a majority of the army personnel are easily identifiable,
" laments Major Yadav.
Thanks to the topography, there are vast and thick jungles along with heavy rainfall every year. All this makes it easy to have gaps and also provides an easy pass to Myanmar. The Army also battles with poisonous insects, leaches and reptiles on a regular basis.

As Major Yadav puts it, the hardships for army men begin at the training level itself. "Our training is done under strict discipline with absolutely zero tolerance for mistakes. The schedule is tough and leaves little time for rest. Not to forget the strict punishments we get". 

During the training period, the cadets operate on little to no sleep and have a rigorous exercise routine to follow including speed marches and runs with full battle load on their backs. And these routines are practiced everyday for long hours.
As Major Yadav puts it, "Army men know the level of expectations from them. And the only way to live up to those expectations is training and training hard. It's almost like being super humans. Those who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually tough, manage to survive all odds. And these are the ones who become a part of the Army"


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